Takeaways for UX Designers

Starting in October, I embarked on a challenge to make one sketch per day for 100 days; all in the name of becoming a better UX designer.

Having recently completed that goal, with 100 sketches over the course of four months to prove it, I can confidently say that I am a better designer. Feel free to check out all 100 sketches here

Why Sketch?

Forever fending off my imposter syndrome from my recent career switch to UX design, I have been exploring every avenue to bolster my skills, experience, and self-confidence. In addition to devouring design books, following NN Group newsletters…

In an unprecedented move, tech giants Google, Amazon, and a slew of social media sites indefinitely deplatformed President Donald Trump, and refused hosting to Parler, the right wing conspiratorial social media site.

Could this be the start of a more accountable and ethical tech scene?

Parler Deplatformed & Trump Silenced

To recap, Parler calls itself an “unbiased social media” and a place for users to “speak freely and express themselves openly without fear of being removed.” However, the app quickly became a haven for baseless hate-filled speech, racism, extreme conspiracy theories, and a gathering place for the alt-right; boasting high profile users like FOX network…

Design Suggestions Inspired from Netflix’s The Social Dilemma

Facebook in Recent Events

Facebook is no stranger to controversy and legal entanglements, ranging from Zuckerberg’s disputed ownership of the original networking site idea, to the 2016 Russian general election disinformation-influence campaign seared into every American’s consciousness.

Most recently, tech moguls of social networking giants Facebook, Twitter, and Google testified in Senate hearings regarding section 230, a law that protects third party platforms from the consequences of user’s posts, also granting companies the right to police and remove content as they see fit. …

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